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What to do in Tokyo? This is what lots of budding tourists ask. Tokyo is a city that has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions and entertainment. You can start your day by having a sushi breakfast at the world-renowned Tsukiji Fish Market then delve into interesting Japanese history, take on the massive shopping scene, visit traditional sites, or unwind in lush gardens. These are just some of the things what to do in Tokyo. Tokyo is a city that has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions and entertainment. In this article, you’ll learn what to do in Tokyo and tips on how you can enjoy the city.

What To Do in Tokyo? Tourist Spots

Below are some of the most famous tourist destinations you can go to when you visit Tokyo:

Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland is not just for children, it is for the child-at-heart. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, make sure to book tickets to Disneyland and experience this enchanted kingdom where dreams come true. The theme park is popular for its wide open spaces that can accommodate big crowds. There are many rides and attractions you can visit, most of them based on Disney films and fantasies.

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Located across Tokyo Disneyland, this is another must-go attraction for the whole family. If you love marine environments and all things related to the ocean world, you shouldn’t miss going to the Sea Life Park, which is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Let your kids see, learn about and appreciate diverse sea life. Not only will guests be awed at the amazing creatures than can be found in the world’s waters, they will also be made aware of the importance of caring for and preserving marine life. The Tokyo Sea Life Park is a well-built and beautifully designed aquarium that displays plentiful habitats from the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea and of course, Tokyo Bay.

The Imperial Palace

Tokyo is the official residence of the Emperor of Japan and the Imperial family. The Imperial Palace is in the Chiyoda ward where the private abode of the family, as well as administrative offices, museums, and an archive, is situated. The Imperial Palace was home to many important figures and rulers of Japan including Emperor Meiji. However, famous and rich in tradition as it is, you won’t see it mobbed by tourists even though it is clearly a place worth visiting. Since it is the home of the imperial family, a visit to see the Imperial Palace is subject to an application policy. Visitors would need to send in an application a few weeks ahead of time to gain get admittance.

The East Gardens in the complex, open to the public, is a very attractive sight of lush green spaces and shady spots. It is also very beautiful during cherry blossom season. The East Gardens are open to visitors from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Tokyo National Museum

A lot of travelers love discovering the history of the places they go visit. If you are one such traveler, you can learn more about the roots and traditions of this great country through thousands of artifacts and art pieces carefully curated and displayed in the Tokyo National Museum. Among about 116,000 pieces that cover most of Japan’s history, some of them considered national treasures.

You can learn more about a country and what to do in Tokyo when you visit their museums. In the Tokyo National Museum, you can also find other artifacts from all across Asia. English translations are featured, making it easy for visitors to appreciate the displays. You can easily reach the museum via the metro and it is best to enjoy a full day inside it.

Afterwards, you can check out the rest of Ueno Park. Next to the Ueno Station in Central Tokyo, Ueno Park is Japan’s first ever Western-styled park. Visit the Shinobazu Pond, Bentedo temple hall, and of course, Ueno Zoo, the first zoological garden of the country.

What To Do in Tokyo? Food Fest

One of the best things to do in Tokyo is to eat authentic Japanese cuisine. Tokyo boasts of being called home to some of the most lauded and applauded Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Expect to have some of the best dining experiences in the city that serves up some of the most diverse cuisines and restaurants.

When people think of what to do in Tokyo, they are immediately reminded of sushi. However, Tokyo is more than just sushi, although there are awesome sushi bars to visit and try out, visitors and foodies alike will get enjoy a wide array of authentic Japanese cuisine such as tonkatsu, okonomiyaki and unagi eel.

You don’t have to be intimidated by all the Michelin starred restaurants as you will also gleefully discover little tucked-away pub grubs, cafés and hole-in-the-wall bars all over the city. Here are some of the must – try Japanese dishes in Tokyo:

Ginza Kyubey

When in Tokyo scouting out and zeroing in on sushi has to be on top of the list. The flagship restaurant of the Kyubey family is a very popular restaurant in the city that offers so much. Kyubey is considered the sushi empire with the main location housed in a five-story high building, with an annex across the street and is constantly with patrons waiting to get their specialized sushi rolls in an efficiently, amusing manner.


You will be surprised to know that this 8-seater restaurant found on an anonymous building at one of the backstreets of Tokyo is rated 3 Michelin stars. Book a table at least a couple of months ahead so you can be sure to experience popular Japanese contemporary cuisine by Chef Hiroyuki Kanda. Chefs will prepare dishes at the counter while you watch. You will enjoy the demonstration of their knife skills as they pay careful detail to the presentation of dishes.

Ginza Kojyu

If you want to experience the traditional multi-course Japanese dinner then you should drop by Ginza Kojyu. Prepare yourself to be fully satisfied and get a memorable introduction to the Japanese cuisine. The cozy interior of the place will remind you of well-loved homestyle cooking. Watch your dishes being skillfully prepared at the counter and listen to the servers describe each of them in detail. Nothing better than getting to know what you put in your mouth. 

Overall, Tokyo is nirvana for travel and food lovers, waiting to be discovered and found out. Don’t be surprised to make a new friend out of the many experiences you will have during these meals at common restaurants in the city. We hope you learn what to do in Tokyo. For more info and travel tips, visit the blog section of this website.

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