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Tokyo is a place unlike any other that it has the eyes of the world transfixed in awe at the precision-like function, and progress of the most populated spot on Earth. You can try looking for a place similar to it the world over, but you will not find anything quite like Tokyo. Here is where harmony and symmetry blend the old and traditional with the mega retail centers, ambitious skyscrapers and futuristic technology seamlessly. There is never a shortage of places to check out in this enthralling city. Whatever it is you fancy or imagine is sure to be available. Let us give you an advance tour of Tokyo to help prepare your itinerary when your hit the Land of the Rising Sun! Tokyo Top 10 Hotel, Shopping and Dining, Off – Road Adventures, Events, Historical Landmarks, Nightlife, Top Things to do and Much More!

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An informative read!

Off to Tokyo and picked this up to help guide!

– Ansley Bray

MEET Tess Downey

When Tess Downey was a little girl, she was allowed to take one suitcase on family vacations. Her mother packed all of her daughter’s clothes and toiletries, but Downey was allowed to take anything she liked in her small blue case.
“I look at that suitcase today,” she says, “and it’s not even as big as a laptop case, but I managed to cram it with toys and books — things I thought were too essential to leave at home. I learned to pack almost before I learned to walk!”

Born into a family of travelers, Downey’s adventures did indeed start young. “It was great,” she says. “I was taught not to be afraid to try things or to meet new people. My folks weren’t the kind of Americans abroad who tried to make themselves understood by just speaking English louder.”

Downey writes about travel as the ultimate educational experience. Her books offer her readers more than just packing trips and booking advice. “To really get the most out of going some place new, you need to learn before you go, learn while you are there, and learn when you get back.”

“One of my favorite travel writers is Tim Cahill,” Downey says. “His book ‘Pecked to Death by Ducks’ is just classic. He goes out to these dismal, remote, exotic places, sees amazing things, and then laughs at all the outrageous stuff that happens. That’s the attitude we all should take on the road with us! Laugh it off and just get into the experience.” Read More

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