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If you and your significant other are on the hunt for romantic places where your love can be celebrated and amplified; well then, you are in luck! Starting from beautiful gardens to awe-inspiring skyscrapers; as well as extravagant eating scenes and a wonderful lively nightlife, Tokyo is indeed a lovely city that will leave you mesmerized! Not only does it offer unique tourist attractions for you, your family, and friends to have a memorable vacation trip; but it also stores places where you and your partner can cuddle and fall in love again as if it is your day one.

There are many best places in Tokyo that are believed to make every couple closer to each other, like never before! There are places that couples affirm to have made their love for each other a lot clearer; brighter, more contended, committed, more so, more passionate. If you, lovebirds are planning to spend quality time with each other; check out the following top romantic places in Tokyo!

Ueno Park 

Ueno Park is Tokyo’s largest park, and undoubtedly a very popular and well-loved one. Over 10 million people visit this Japanese attraction, and this is yearly. Ueno Park ranks number one as the perfect hang-out spot for couples. This place offers a blissful atmosphere perfect for spending quiet quality time with your significant other. You two will surely love the scenery of bountiful cherry trees. You also will find galleries, museums, temples, and even a zoo in Ueno Park.

There are also tremendous things you and your partner can do in Ueno Park. From roaming around different museums to sightseeing pandas and paddling boats on Shinobazu Pond; you’ll definitely have a spectacular time staying there. 


If you and the love of your life are party animals; bond over great beats and moves, and are equally fond of drinking, then you two will have a blast in Roppongi. This palace has the best friendly bars, restaurants, and nightclubs; as they really are not called Tokyo’s best nightlife for no reason. Moreover, it is also famous for its great variety of food choices; which couples who like to bond over food will surely adore. 

And wait, there’s more. You can also conduct a shopping date, movie date, muuseum date, and a whole other type of date. There are a million attractions reading Roppongi, so a visit should never be missed.  

Tokyo Skytree

Holding hands while sightseeing the skyline of Tokyo is probably one of the most magical things to ever exist in the world. Most people link the Tokyo Skytree tower with its magnificent observation decks that overlook the vicinity of Tokyo, Japan. Impressively, this also is the tallest tower in the world, as validated by Guinness World Records. The night view of this tower is simply phenomenal as you’ll get an appreciative view of Tokyo’s busy life; sealed with a great sky full of stars, whilst looking at your partner in between. Such romance! 

Tokyo Dome City 

If you want your favorite romantic movie to come to life; those couples in films who like to eat, stroll, take rides, and overall have fun creating memories together, then you and your significant other will adore Tokyo Dome City. You can go chill on the top of the Ferris wheel and express fondness of each other; or hold each other hands tight if you two will be adventurous on trying rides of great height and thrill together. 

Aside from its amusement parks, there are various restaurants, spas, shops, gardens, and hotels you two will greatly enjoy.

Planetarium Starry Cafe

Want to relate to Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Star Song? Sing this romantic song to the love of your life because Planetarium Starry Café is the perfect place for it. This café is greatly popular among couples as it allows them to enjoy a romantic dinner while witnessing breathtaking views of more than 40 million stars above. This experience definitely will match those of the Disney movies. It is truly a unique, magical, and romantic experience. 

Overloaded with positive reviews and remarks online, it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in Tokyo, and can also be one of the defining moments of couples in their love story. 

Hanayashiki Amusement Park

A great measure of the strength of the bond you and your partner are out there when you two are enjoying thrilling activities, and a great place to do this is at Hanayashiki Amusement Park. From thrilling Roller Coaster, Space Shot, Bee Tower, to chill Panda Car, Games, and Strolls, the two of you will leave this place happier, and tighter than ever. 

Hama Rikyu Garden

Give you the silence that only comes when two people understand each other, is the ultimate vibe of Hama Rikyu, a large and very attractive landscape garden in central Tokyo This garden, is definitely a spectacular place that is attractive any season, it may not be as famous for its fall foliage, but it offers plenty of maples, ginkgo, and other trees that highlights the warm autumn colors.

Here, you and your partner are at ultimate peace sightseeing seawater ponds whose waves are so little and soothing, enjoy the green relaxing scenery whilst sipping tea as well. It is a peaceful bonding experience that does not require much, just a benign present with each other is enough. 

Have Fun!

Traveling to one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the luxury of doing it with the one you share your heartbeat to is really a wonderful experience all deserve to have. Have fun traveling in Tokyo, Japan! Share our worlds to those lovebirds who might also be in need. 

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