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If you want to venture into the Tokyo Japanese drinking experience, then go over to Meishu Center for a selection of over 500 variations of Japanese rice wine. Sourced from small individual traders all over the country, sake flavors offered at Meishu Center include lychee, banana, melon, plum and pear, among others. This is not a bar with a rowdy crowd, but a laid-back one. People who want to wind down after a day of shopping, going around or a long flight will enjoy the good vibe of this bar. The bar is lined with bottles and bottles of sake.

You choose one and a staff will give you a 60ml sample. You can drink as many sets as you want, just try not to get drunk. When you finally find one that you prefer, you can buy a bottle. You can also get snacks. You can choose from jerky, mackerel, boar meat, daikon, moray and different kinds of cheeses. These snack bits serve to enhance sake flavors and should be eaten while drinking. The Meishu Center is located at the first floor of Isoyama Dai-2 Building in Minato.

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