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How to use Suica Card in Tokyo? You can easily discover the top-up equipments near the entry and leave entrances of the train terminals. How to use Suica Card in Tokyo? So, there’s absolutely nothing to fret about because these are nearly anywhere in various City and also JR Train Stations. Plus, these top-up equipments have English assistance, which indicates global visitors can effectively follow the instructions. In this article, you’ll learn how to use Suica Card in Tokyo. 

Step-by-Step Guide (JR Train Station)

Step #1: If you go to JR Train Station, the very first step is to pick English and click the Charge (including value).

Step #2: Insert your card into the ticket maker.

Step #3:  The following step is to select your preferred top-up shown on the ticket equipment. The value ranges from 500 yen to 10, 000 yen.

Step #4: Place the top-up cash money in the device as soon as you’ve picked your desired amount.

Step #5: Consequently, you will certainly see the total top-up quantity as well as the upgraded balance on the display.

Step #6: After, gather your card from the ticket equipment and start commuting conveniently!

Step – by – Step Guide to Top – Up Suica Card

Step #1: The preliminary step is to choose the International Languages button if you’re at Metro Terminal.

Step #2: Then, choose English on the ticket device.

Step #3: The following step is to select fee on the display.

Step #4: Insert your card into the ticket machine.

Step #5: Currently, click your recommended top-up quantity. You can pick from 10 yen to 10, 000 yen. If you wish to top-up your card with less than 1, 000 yen, you can also do so. Just select the Fee in 10-yen units as well as select your recommended amount like 10 yen, 200 yen, as well as 500 yen.

Step #6: Once you’ve chosen your wanted quantity, just insert your money into the equipment.

Step #7: Accordingly, you will see the top-up quantity, together with the current balance on the screen. Then, gather your card from the ticket equipment and enjoy your trip!

How to Check the Latest Balance of the Suica Card?

How to use Suica Card in Tokyo? There are several methods to inspect your most current credit balance. You can validate it whenever you pass a ticket entrance or when you make a repayment at a store.

How to use Suica Card in Tokyo? You can likewise examine your upgraded balance from the ticket machines. Aside from understanding the card equilibrium, you can additionally maintain track of your use history. Simply click the Show Equilibrium Background and also you will certainly see your past transactions utilizing the card.


How to use Suica Card in Tokyo? You can return it at any type of JR East Stations if you acquired your card online or from JR East terminal. These consist of JR Shinjuku Train Terminal, JR Shibuya Train Terminal, JR Tokyo Train Station, as well as JR Ueno Train Station.

Prior to JR East Stations have box office that likewise refine a refund of the remaining quantity in your card with each other with deposit. You can quickly find the eco-friendly ticket offices in JR East Terminal, which are also called as Midori-No-Madoguchi.

How to use Suica Card in Tokyo? Just look for the environment-friendly signboard with a tag “Ticket Office”, return the card, as well as process reimbursement, if any. As well as if you desire to avail of the reimbursement of the remaining money in your card, merely notify the personnel.

If you want to efficiently use your cash, it’s extremely advised not to have any balance on your card. This will certainly help you skip the handling fees and also spend it on more crucial things. In instance you have staying money on your card at the end of your trip, you can spend it practically. Get some things in the corner store or eat in a restaurant that accepts the card as settlement. In my personal experience, I always get rid of the remaining balance by getting foods and various other items in the corner store. This certainly helped me optimize my staying money rather than paying the handling charges.

Did You Know?

How to use Suica Card in Tokyo? You can use your Suica card for up to 10 years? Take advantage of this clever travelling card that you can re-use when you go to the country in the close to future.

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