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How to go to Shinjuku from Narita Airport? If you’re from Narita Flight terminal is by a limo bus, the most convenient as well as most practical way to reach Shinjuku. Via this straight shuttle, you can take a trip from the airport terminal to the city easily. How to go to Shinjuku from Narita Airport? It’s ideal for every tourist, whether you are on a solo trip, with your buddies, or with your family. This one is also suitable for those taking a trip with youngsters and elderly or those trying to find an inexpensive option. In this article, you’ll learn how to go to Shinjuku from Narita Airport?

Via Limousine Bus

Step #1: By taking the airport limo bus transfer, you just relax, unwind, and also enjoy your journey most likely to Shinjuku. This clean, properly maintained, and cool bus will take you directly to Shinjuku without transferring.

Plus, the bus has vast seats that permit you to rest or also sleep easily after a long-hour trip. Not only that, it has an integrated bathroom, making it very practical for those with children. Extra so, there is a screen inside the bus that will certainly reveal the existing place as well as the following quit. The languages supplied are English and Japanese for your easy reference. The travel time will certainly take about 105 mins. Though it’s a bit slower contrasted to trains which would certainly simply take a hr but this set is most definitely much less demanding. You don’t need to determine the train path going to the resources since it offers a direct transfer. You will not be looking after your luggage every now and after that.

Step #2: One more excellent feature of the limo bus is that it comes with big storage space for your things. Contrasted to the limited train storage space compartments, you have additional area for your luggage. And the bus personnel will even aid you in filling and also discharging your luggage. To ensure that you will not fail to remember or take the incorrect luggage, the staff will certainly release a tag number.

Upon claiming, you simply present the tag and also the assigned staffs will carefully confirm the number before releasing. It’s rather the exact same with the check-in luggage in the flight terminal that comes with a tag number. You can smoothly interact with the bus personnel due to the fact that they get along and also accommodating.

Plus, they can talk and also understand English. The limousine bus quit is very easy to find in the flight terminal and it frequently arrives on schedule.

Step #3: It has numerous drop-off places in Shinjuku, which implies you can quickly choose the location near to your hotel.

Step #4: For your info, the typical limousine bus price is 3,200 yen per person if you purchase the ticketing counter. If you purchase your ticket online, after that you’ll pay around 2,870 yen as well as save 10% discount rate. Not only that, if you use the round-trip bus ticket, after that you’ll obtain more discount! When you publication online is approximately 4,530 yen just, the round-trip expense. So, if you’re travelling with your household or good friends, it’s highly recommended to book online so you’ll conserve even more cash. And the great aspect of acquiring the tickets online is that all global tourists are qualified. This indicates that immigrants from around the globe can acquire these online tickets to obtain a cheaper rate.

Via Keisei Skyliner 

Step #1: The second transport setting is through Keisei Skyliner, which is much faster and also effective. Nonetheless, this choice does not take you directly to Shinjuku, therefore the demand to transfer. Due to the fact that these are high-speed trains, both Keisei Skyliner and JR Yamanote Line are the fastest method to reach Shinjuku.

Step #2: From Narita Airport terminal, you will certainly ride the Keisei Skyliner for around 40 mins then stop at Nippori Terminal.

Step #3: From Nippori Terminal, you will certainly hop aboard the JR Yamanote Line that will take you to Shinjuku for around 20 mins. Always bear in mind that you need to move at Nippori Terminal for you to reach Shinjuku.

Keep in Mind

How to go to Shinjuku from Narita Airport? Riding Keisei Skyliner is one of the most suitable method for travellers that desire a reliable and also fast transport alternative going to Shinjuku. The overall traveling time is about 1 hr just contrasted to the limousine bus that would certainly take about 1 hours as well as 45 minutes.

How to go to Shinjuku from Narita Airport? Plus, Keisei Skyliner is very effective in terms of schedule as they leave on time from the airport terminal. It even comes with a washroom for a more comfy trip.

When riding the JR Yamanote Line from the Nippori Station, you have two options to pay the train price. The very first is through buying from the ticket vending machine as well as the second is with a Suica Card. The highly advised option between the two is the Suica Card, which you can make use of when taking a trip around Tokyo.


How to go to Shinjuku from Narita Airport? The Suica Card is an all-in-one transportation card that you can use to pay your price. This incredible card can be used to ride a train, subway, city, monorail, bus, and also taxi within the resources. With this transportation card, there’s no need for you to align as well as wait for the lengthy ticket lines. Just touch your card at the train entrance gateway and also take your ride. Having this travelling crucial definitely saves your time as well as makes your trip easier.

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