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How to go to Sanrio Puroland? It’s so tough to resist this enchanting looks outside the amusement park. Yet prior to you enter the captivating globe of Sanrio, get an overview map located at the park’s major entryway. This guide & map is handy in discovering the amusement park premises.How to go to Sanrio Puroland? You can additionally download and install the Sanrio Puroland Guide Map as well as begin the adventure quickly. In this article, you’ll learn how to go to Sanrio Puroland?

Check the Schedule of Parades and Shows

Don’t forget to examine the website to see the schedule of programs as well as parades. Presented on the internet site are the upgraded and real schedules of every tourist attraction for the certain day just. Given that there is no timetable for the future dates, keep in mind to examine the internet site once again when you visit the park that day so you won’t miss out on the enjoyable. If the park’s shut for a certain day, the website does not offer the real time of the parades and also reveals. So, make sure to see the schedule in advance to understand if the park is running for that day.

Do not forget to check the Sanrio Puroland Calendar in development to validate the day you prepared to visit the park is open. The access tickets can be purchased at the ticketing counter of Sanrio Puroland but the ticket price is greater than purchasing online.

How to Go to Sanrio Puroland from Keio Tama Center Station

Step #1: Take the lift or escalator to Degree 2 when you arrived at Keio Tama Center Station. Afterwards, take a brief stroll to Sanrio Puroland from Keio Tama Center Station in 6 minutes.

Step #2: As soon as you at the Level 2, walk out the ticket gateway of Central Leave and then turn left.

Step #3: At this moment, you need to go directly.

Step #4: Continue straight as well as stroll up the stairways on in advance.

Step #5:  Go through the link bridge as well as maintain going right.

Step #6:  At the cross-junction, you ought to turn.

Step #7:  Then, proceed straight in advance. Soon, you’ll find the amusement park on ahead.

Step #8:  Congratulations! You’ve already reached the entrance of Sanrio Puroland.


Sanrio Puroland is both for grownups and youngsters who remain in demand essentially charming adventures in Tokyo. This is the best place to unwind as well as see adorable characters, vibrant tourist attractions as well as parades, as well as captivating food spots. Online tickets are not simply less costly but likewise easier compared to purchasing the ticketing counter. Plus, these tickets will certainly likewise offer you simple access to the park! Simply show either the published or soft duplicate of the tickets using your mobile phone.

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